Christina Figueroa

Christina Figueroa

Turn off "the media"

February 19th, 2017

I'm getting fired up about this. One the of many epiphanies I have had as of late.

I was reading a blog in response to Maria Kang's "What's Your Excuse?" photo.

(In summary she's a super hot mom with three little kids and two businesses and she makes time to have a rockin body. It's worth a Google.)

So at the end of the blog was a slide show from Pin-words showing all these REALLY SAD facts about eating disorders with young, even girls as young as 8 who want to be thinner. And of course the inevitable blame on "the media". Magazines and commercials, that well, do what their designed to do. Make us feel bad so we buy useless crap to feel better. Oh and here's a shocking statement, "Only 5% of American women naturally have the body type advertisements portray as ideal. Really????Shut up! See I know this, cause I GO OUTSIDE OF MY HOUSE.

As I read all all these sad facts, I started to hear a tiny violin playing in the back of my mind. A familiar melody called Poor Me. It's a classic. Been around for ages.

I have an amazing cure for this onslaught of unrealistic beauty ideals "the media" is shoving down our poor defenseless little throats. TURN IT OFF! That will show 'em. No really, it will.

Like, what? Not watch TV? Yes!

I mean, how is it that everyone blames "the media" but no one just turns off the TV. Or cancels the magazine subscriptions or even (gasp) deletes their social medias.

It infuriates me to read that 8 and 10 year olds are worried about their weight. They should be worried about worms! Or cooties. (there's still no cure, btw). A multi billion dollar a year industry is not going stop picking on us and our children so the next best thing is not to invite it into our homes.

You know what really offends me? Maybe I'm a prude, but the larger than life Victoria Secret poster in a local shopping plaza. I mean there's a huge perfectly curved butt making me feel inferior and I didn't even go in the store! Leave me alone!! Now I am going to drown my sorrows in a 700 calorie coffee drink. Cause I will never look like that. (Well I could get could close it wasn't for those damn frappuccinos!)

So anytime "the media" tries to make you feel bad, TURN IT OFF. Three monthly payments of $19.95 for Ginger Root Super Rain Forest Extract Monkey Poop-Bilobo, Super Weight Loss Hype Drug, has never given anyone a better quality of life. Except for the CEO that is. That guy probably has a Benz so he's doing good.

The point is, we need to remember that we have a choice in the media we consume and our choices matter. Not just for us and our kids but even each other. When we become independent thinkers and encourage the same in others it starts something. It says, We're Not the Ideal and That's Okay. Now Let's Move on To Our Happy Fulfilling Lives. And guess what, WE DO!!